Product Request Panel

A new product request panel is live now. You can access it at – https://www.gpltimes.com/product-request-panel/

Every eligible user can now make maximum upto 30 requests. Users can upvote product requests made by other members. Other features include Live search, request status, and much more..


Now you can Manage your Domains for GPL Times Updater plugin here – https://www.gpltimes.com/domains/

The domains will automatically be added to the list when you first activate the plugin in a website, though you can remove and ban any required domain, if needed.


Now old versions can also be downloaded by non-membership users if they have purchased that individual product.


Now active membership users can download old versions of any plugin or theme by visiting the product page. The old versions of the product are provided in the product description. No credits will be deducted for downloading old versions.

Please note that we have started this service as of 18th April 2023, so the old version database will be build from today onwards. No previous versions are available before of 18th April 2023.


We have introduced a new block in each product description, which states the VirusTotal Report of that product. Once a new version of any product is updated, it will be submitted to VirusTotal and will be updated in our store. Therefore, if a product has recently been updated to a new version, it might take 2-10 minutes to get its VT Report displayed.

Some products may not have any report in their product description due to file size limit in VirusTotal API.


Firstly, we want to apologise for such a long downtime (approx. 6.5 hours).

It has been for first time in the history of GPL Times, that our users have faced such a long downtime.

Though there is nothing to worry about as there were no issues with the system or hosting. It was like our database server went offline without any notice and did not healed up to start again. As this happened during non-business hours, we were not aware of it. As soon our support staff came online, we did a database restart and everything came back online.

We are investigating the issue at our backend on why the database server did not started by itself.

21-January 2023

Finally, GPL Times is now a multilingual store, which has support for Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian languages. You can use the widget on the top right to change the languages.

Unfortunately, due to compromise in performance and database issue, we have to currently disable the multi-language versions of our store.

26-August 2022

With effect from 26-August-2022, the credit reset for all the Membership Plans will take place at 12:00 AM (UTC / GMT) to make it simple for all the members who have different time zones.

17-June 2022

We are glad to announce a complete a new API to push updates to our customers which is more secure, fast and reliable via our GPL Times Auto Updater plugin. We request our users to update the plugin to the latest version to receive the updates.

08-May 2022

We have shifted our support ticket system to a different platform to provide better user experience. Please give some time to the new support system to get used to it. It is as efficient (or even better) as the previous system.

25-December 2021

As a scheduled maintenance, all the closed tickets before Jan 2021 has been removed due to performance and security reasons. This has released over 27000+ tickets from our database.

22-November 2021

In order to benefit our customers, we have improved our Membership Plan pricing structure. In addition, we have increased the credit limit for all the Membership Plan customers (except for Developer Plan). Hope these new changes will bring smile in many of our existing and upcoming users.

The changes will be applicable with effect from 23rd November 2021.

15-March 2021

We have introduced a new “Download History” page which can be found under “My Account” Menu. This page will list your downloads in last 24 hours or the downloads you have made in current credit cycle. Once the daily credit counter is reset, the download list in this page will also reset. You can check your daily credit details under My Account > Plans.

The page is accessible only via logged in users who have Membership Plan with us. The other users may get “404 not found” error. Therefore please make sure to login before visiting this page. The direct link to the page is – Download History.

05-January 2021

Some users are NOT able to login to their account. Please clear your browsers cache and cookies to solve the issue.

11-December 2020

Finally, YITH product updates has become impossible for us (or any other GPL website), due to their restricted membership plan and strict account banning policies. Now we do have access to only 4-5 products from YITH store, as they have disabled majority of our accounts. In addition, YITH has discontinued their club membership. We suggest our customers to shift to Woocommerce.com plugins rather than YITH plugins.

If you are seeing any YITH update on other website, please do check it carefully before using, as plenty of the websites are faking the versions.

Rest assured, if we do get access to any YITH update in future, we will surely update them in our store.

18-July 2020

Due to technical issues, the credit reset time for Membership Plans has been revised again. The new timings are back to 1:25 to 1:35 PM (UTC / GMT). We apologise for the inconvenience.

10-July 2020

With effect from 10-July-2020, the credit reset for Membership Plans will take place at 12:00 AM (UTC / GMT) to make it simple for all the members who have different time zones.

06-June 2020

Stay Safe with GPL Times

Recently we have seen plenty of new websites who are leeching and selling WordPress plugins and themes for as low as $10 with unlimited downloads per month, or even $99 for lifetime.

Please beware from such websites, as we have found that many of them are planting backdoors and malware in their plugins and themes to steal data.

You may lose your money, as well as end up with backdoors and malware in your (or your clients websites). Stay safe and please download only from trusted sources.

12-May 2020

As a scheduled maintenance cleanup, we have removed all the tickets and comments older than 6 month. This has resulted in deletion of 10,377 comments and tickets.

28-March 2020

23-March 2020

Our Auto Updater plugin has been released. Currently its in beta stage. Read more details here – https://www.gpltimes.com/how-to-auto-update-plugins/

16-Jan 2020 (Updated on 1st Feb 2020)

Due to ever increasing users who are leeching our products and selling them in other GPL websites without any reseller plans, therefore violating our fair usage policy, we have to take this important step. The important points are mentioned below about the changes.

  1. Monthly Members / Lifetime Membership users are restricted to 12 downloads per day.
  2. Quarterly / Half Yearly Members are restricted to 15 downloads per day.
  3. Yearly Members are restricted to 18 downloads per day.
  4. Reseller Members Now Unlimited Membership Plan user do not have any download limits. Now Discontinued.

Other important notes are listed below-

  1. Old Lifetime Membership (now discontinued) users will enjoy 50 downloads per day with fair usage policy.
  2. Same product download won’t be counted in daily download limit. For example, if you have downloaded “Product XXX” 3 times in a day, it will counted as one.
  3. You can check out your daily credit limits in your My Account > Plans.credits