12-May 2020

Tickets Cleanup

As a scheduled maintenance cleanup, we have removed all the tickets and comments older than 6 month. This has resulted in deletion of 10,377 comments and tickets.

05-May 2020

Security Tip for Website Owners

Recently it has reported by thousands’ of developers (WordPress as well as Non-Wordpress) that they are experiencing annoying pop-up ads in their non-https (sites without SSL) websites.

Upon investigating, we found that all non-https websites are experiencing such issues and simply enabling SSL certificates in the website will resolve this issue. In addition, make sure that all non-https links should redirect to https links in order to take SEO advantages.

23-March 2020

GPL Times Auto Updater

Our Auto Updater plugin has been released. Currently its in beta stage. Read more details here – https://www.gpltimes.com/how-to-auto-update-plugins/

16-Jan 2020 (Updated on 1st Feb 2020)

Changes in Download Limits in Membership Plans

Due to ever increasing users who are leeching our products and selling them in other GPL websites without any reseller plans, therefore violating our fair usage policy, we have to take this important step. The important points are mentioned below about the changes.

  1. Monthly Members / Lifetime Membership users are restricted to 12 downloads per day.
  2. Quarterly / Half Yearly Members are restricted to 15 downloads per day.
  3. Yearly Members are restricted to 18 downloads per day.
  4. Reseller Members Now Unlimited Membership Plan user do not have any download limits. Now Discontinued.

Other important notes are listed below-

  1. Old Lifetime Membership (now discontinued) users will enjoy 50 downloads per day with fair usage policy.
  2. Same product download won’t be counted in daily download limit. For example, if you have downloaded “Product XXX” 3 times in a day, it will counted as one.
  3. You can check out your daily credit limits in your My Account > Plans.credits