Major Changes in Membership Plans

Hello GPL lovers,

With effect from 1 Jan 2020, we are having some big changes in our Membership Plans. The existing members (either monthly, quarterly, yearly or lifetime) will remain unaffected. These changes will only be applicable to new users who join our club after 1 Jan 2020.

Some of the major points are listed below:

  1. No Lifetime Membership Plan will be available from 1 Jan 2020. If you want to become our Lifetime Member, go grab the plan before 1 Jan 2020.
  2. Along with the Lifetime plan, we are also taking off the Quarterly Membership Plan. Which means both Lifetime and Quarterly Plans will not be available from 1 Jan 2020.
  3. As per our customers request, we will introduce a new plan for resellers (who download the products to resell in their GPL websites). Generally this plan will have higher price than normal plans but we won’t monitor the download records of such accounts.

Some other important points that should be noted by all our existing and upcoming users:

  1. All the accounts that are suspicious and are leeching our products to other similar GPL websites has already been tracked and will be banned accordingly after 1 Jan 2020. Such users are requested to switch to reseller plan on 1 Jan 2020 to enjoy uninterrupted service.
  2. Some price hike will be done in Yearly Membership plan after 1 Jan 2020, due to our ever increasing management cost, subscriptions and services.
  3. We will continue to offer unlimited downloads in all our plans unlike our competitors. As we know majority of the users have joined us because of no download limits in our website.
  4. $1 license activation fees will be removed for the applicable products w.e.f 1 Jan 2020. Which means license activation will be free like before. Though we will impose a limit of 10 activations per applicable product*** for each customer. The same limit for reseller plan users will be 50 per applicable product.

***A list of all the applicable products will also be provided on a separate page for users convenience.

Some more changes will be introduced as per the suggestions of our customers. Stay tuned.

GPL Times Team